Connect with Chakras


I recently had the opportunity to attend a Leadership Program with Steve Radcliffe and Simon Sinek.  Simon Sinek, author of the global best‐seller, Start with Why, explained his idea of ‘The Golden Circle’ and how it contains three distinct and interdependent elements (Why, How, What) that makes any person function at its highest ability.  Steve Radcliffe, author of Leadership Plain and Simple, explained his universally acclaimed FUTURE ENGAGE DELIVER model.

Both were experts in their own right and Steve Radcliffe’s discussion on Managing Human Energies particularly interested me.

Steve discussed four types of energies that are present in an organisation or those you should notice when you walk into a meeting room. Being conscious about these energies will help you to connect effectively with people around you.  You can manage your energies and energies of people around you better. He identified the four energies as follows:

  1. Intellectual energy – Logic, Agreement, Caution, analysis.
  2. Emotional energy – Human relationships.
  3. Energy of the spirit – Linked to inspire and and to breathe life into something.
  4. Physical Energy – Action, doing.

We were asked to look at the organizations through an energy lens and observe how energies play when people engage. You will notice the different energies dominant in people around you. Some are dominated by physical, some by intellectual or emotional and so on.  You will invariably notice that leaders are dominated by Spirtual Energy and where possibility sits.

This conscious practice of observing energies can help in connecting and engaging with people better and help determine where we should place our energies in striking a balance.

I wanted to extend this concept to the role of Chakras and how they dominate human evolution that certain cultures have been practicing for ages. These energy centres vary from person to person based on their level of consciousness. A strong sense of survival is based on the lower Chakras and the aspiration has been to access the higher Chakras for better mental and spiritual evolution. The opening of the Chakras as we call it determines the physical and spiritual well-being of the person and living to life to its fullest.

Increasing our Chakra awareness will help in better understanding of our own self and the life around us. This is so true in modern Management.

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