cropped-fb1.jpgMy interests are mysticism, yoga, our relationship with the cosmos, seekers, non-seekers and what not. These relate to the core of who we are and the exciting journey of exploration. I am fortunate to have met and interacted with people – yogis, mystics, religious men, non-believers and simple people – who are part of the experience. This is about connecting with human beings and the larger universe. I am dedicated to Advaita Vedanta, a system of perfect life, rule of wisdom and law of liberty. 

I intend to keep this light, fun to read.

kāmamaya evāyam puruṣa iti – You are what your deep, driving desire is!

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  1. naina says:

    Hi I have a question about not going to someone’s house for tamboolam. A person who has hurted me a lot invited me to come to her house to take tamboolam for varalakshmi pooja. I don’t feel like going since i’m so hurt and sad. Is it ok if I don’t go?


    1. baladrishti says:

      External influences should not impact you. Being happy or sad is state of mind. A mind does not have independent existence and resides in your awareness. You should go if you want to.


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