In which direction do we exist?

Let us ask ourselves a question, “in which direction do I exist”?

Do directions exist in the vast outer space of the universe? Directions do not exist in the universe. It is we who have created the concept of directions in the universe.

So, “In which direction do I exist?” is the question. The answer should be wherever we are, we exist in that direction. If we shift ourselves to a new location, we exist in that direction. Wherever we are, we exist in that direction. Does this mean that we exist in all the directions? This requires further contemplation.

When we plan to travel from Bangalore to Mysore, we should know in advance the direction of travel. Now, can we ask ourselves a question, in which direction should I travel to reach myself? To know this question, we should know the answer to where we exist. The question “in which direction do I exist” continues to remain.

Now if I ask you a question “do you exist?”, what will your answer be? You will call me a mad person. This is because you yourselves have not questioned your own existence. Your existence is implied and taken for granted. With this understanding if I ask you “in which direction do you exist?”, what will your answer be?

Directions are mere illusions. Directions do not exist in creation. Then, why are we caught up with directions?

As humans, we tend to pursue two distinct goals in life, material and spiritual. They are in different directions like the X and Y axis. Each seem to lead us towards a goal. We are caught up in the pursuit of the goals trying to travel in directions that are mere illusions. In pursuit of both the material and spiritual directions, we never seem to relax. We are working and struggling in both directions in pursuit of a goal.

How do we get out of this illusion called directions? It can only be through surrender. This is surrender to oneself. One who surrenders to oneself enjoys the universal space in totality. The person enjoys his or her inner and outer space at the same time. There is no distinction between the inner and outer space for such a person. The space inside and outside a pot is always the same.

People who pursue goals in the material dimension seem to miss the spiritual dimension. Those who pursue spiritual dimension seem to miss the material dimension. We should learn to relax from both these dimensions. These are mere directions. Only then we are ready to fall into our inner space. This is about surrendering to oneself.

A person who is full of body and mind cannot live without a direction. Mind always chooses a direction and loves to exist in dilemma. When we fall into our inner space, there is no necessity to choose. We can explode in all directions without choosing a one. Because life is whole and there is no necessity to choose. This is about living a choiceless life.

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