The Blue Mountain



Rising majestically at 11,000 feet stands the Neelakanth peak in the Himalayas. This peak has close association with Shiva.

Neelakanta is the blue throated Shiva and the entire region is filled with his personality.

The Neelakanth peaks rise dramatically over river ganga. The glaciers and eternal snow represent Jata, the matted hair locks of Shiva.

The peak stands alone and resembles a pyramid structure. The peak turns golden during the morning sunrise for few minutes. You should be lucky to get a glimpse.

I started the journey early in the morning from Rishikesh. The Journey is breathtaking with steep and narrow paths and the sight of the ganga river constantly following you on your side. The peaks of Neelakanth are visible in an hour.

In the mythology, the Deva’s and Asuras churned the cosmic ocean for the nectar of immortality. They used Vasuki, the king of serpents around Shiva’s neck as the rope.

Vasuki emitted deadly fumes as the cosmic ocean was churned. Shiva had to protect the gods by swallowing the poison. His wife Parvati grabbed his throat to prevent him from swallowing the poison. His throat turned blue. Shiva became Neelakanta, the blue throated one.

Shiva was believed to be meditating in these peaks when the cosmic ocean was churned.

In the yogic science, throat represents Vishuddhi chakra. The person meditating on Vishuddhi chakra transcends pain, pleasures, senses and intellect. He will be lead towards knowledge beyond time and gain ultimate freedom.

It was late afternoon by the time I reached the peak. Surrounded by dense forest stands the Neelakanth temple. A natural spring flows inside the temple and you cannot refuse a refreshing dip.

The journey doesn’t end here. Trek further for an hour to reach Chandi Devi and Anjana Devi temples. Chandi Devi is said to be consecrated by Adi Shankara. Anjana Devi, mother of Hanuman, seems to be worshiped only at this place. Monkeys are abundant to provide you ample company.

My journey to Neelakanth hills, August 2014.

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