Chapter 5. Mahaan.

दर्शनात् अभ्रशदसि | जननात् कमलालये || स्मरणात् अरुणाचले | काश्यान्तु मरणान् मुक्तिः || Liberation is certain for the one who remembers Arunachala. Being born in Kamalalaya, seeing Chidambharam and dying in Kashi are other ways for liberation – Skanda Purana. I discovered this book when I was in my high school. It was a 50-page book….

The End of Knowing.

I just finished a simple rice-gruel breakfast in the Ashram kitchen. I was told the Swami will meet me at 10:30 AM. I sat down on the stone bench and waited. I was eager to meet a Swami steeped in non-duality. The call came minutes later. A short walk brought me to the hall and in…